Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Mira Afianti.

I started this journal since high school as a personal memento. So if you dig it deep, you'll find cheesy stuffs that I wrote back when I was young :P

I'm currently living in Jakarta and make a living by doing research and talk to lots of people. Although I have a strong background in computer science and previously worked as a software engineer, I don't really enjoy coding. Though I guess I have a love-hate relationship with it, as sometimes I secretly kinda miss it.

When I'm not doing my routine 9-6 work, I enjoy going to gigs to sing-along with my favourite bands, cooking, going to new places, having random conversation, volunteering, taking photos, or just curling up in bed reading books or watching tv series and movies (which usually involved crime scene and psycho character).

Selfie with the freelancer

Since last year, I employed a freelance contributor (emphasize in free), his name is Junda. Sometimes he will write a part of an article, sometimes the whole article. His daily job is to code machine learning, but lately he also required to do meetings, so when he was tired from having to meet a lot of people, he write here where two ways communication is not required.

Just sit, play your favourite music, and enjoy reading my personal journal!