Friday, December 8, 2017

Udah hampir setengah taun lalu aku dan Mira pergi ke York. Tapi karena sibuk tesis, pindahan, packing untuk pulang, settle back di rumah, lalu catch-up dengan makanan-makanan yang udah satu tahun gadapet akses, Mira jadi tidak sempat untuk nulis-nulis. Akhirnya, dia bayar aku untuk nulisin Blog bagian York. Licik juga ya dia. Kira-kira hasilnya seperti ini:

A Day in Belém, Lisbon

Monday, November 27, 2017

One day in May, we were having dinner together in our kitchen. Suddenly Rita told me that she will go back home to Portugal for good in the beginning of July and finish her dissertation at home. Max added that he also will go back to Germany in the middle of July. There were actually 6 of us living in the same flat but Rita and Max were the closest, since the other three were rarely seen around. We were studying in the same university but they both were law students, and the thing about law students in my campus is, they do not have any presentation for their dissertation. Therefore, after finishing all exams, they are free to go and they can finish their dissertation wherever they want. When the deadline came they can simply submit their work and wait patiently for the result. 

It was different for me as a computer science student. I need to meet my supervisor once in a week to report my progress, and there will be a viva presentation after my dissertation submission. So I should stay in London until mid-September, at least. Thinking that all my flat-mates will go back to their countries and left me alone in our flat made me kinda mellow. 

"Why don't you come to Portugal to visit me? Summer in Portugal will be nice!", asked Rita.

And just like that, on that day, after discussing the perfect date that will work for three of us, me and Max booked two return tickets from London to Lisbon.

In the Heat of Summer Sunshine

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Time goes by, now I'm already back in Indonesia for good. I was tidying up hundreds of picture that were left untouched, when I realized that some of it are quite nice. I know that it's almost winter now but I feel that I don't want these pictures stay in my hard drive forever. I just had the busiest months (dissertation, viva presentation, packing, and moving out) before I went back home. Now that I have lots of time to breath and write, a little throwback to summer wouldn't hurt.

Summer means lavender blooming season! It's a time when you can go outside, enjoy the sunshine with your beloved ones, and take a pictures in the sea of purple. If you're around London, you can visit Mayfield Lavender Park which is still accessible by using the Underground and bus. The entrance fee is only 1 pound per person. 

Prague: A Love (and Mostly) Hate Relationship

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Praha terkenal banget sebagai salah satu kota yang romantis. Berdasarkan foto dan testimoni para netizen di dunia maya, terbentuk bayangan kalau kotanya bakal syahdu macam Edinburgh gitu. Didasari rasa penasaran dan tiket pulang murah ke London dari Praha, berangkat lah saya ke sana sebagai tujuan terakhir di rangkaian perjalanan Eurotrip di musim panas kemarin. Yang namanya jalan-jalan pasti ada enak dan ga enaknya. Mungkin keliatannya dari foto-foto yang dipajang di socmed cuma keliatan senang-senangnya aja, tapi kali ini saya mau cerita bagian kurang senangnya.


Friday, November 3, 2017

I'm always easily attracted by the images of small villages surrounded by nature. That kind of places always win when I decided my next holiday destination. The postcard view material: greeny picturesque hills, quite lake, and peaceful villages were the reasons why I decided to visit Hallstatt in the first place.