Maia Hirasawa

I'm in love with Maia Hirasawa. She is Japanese-Swedish singer and songwriter. She plays guitar very well. I love her song, still june which is one of soundtrack of my english movie project in previous term. This song is in the end of the movie and really match with the atmosphere of the movie.

I looked up into the sky
I thought I catched your eye
you reminded me
there's nothing to see
but maybe you are wrong
baby, I could come along
that would be quite fair
when you're never here

and it should, it should be winter now
but my mind is still june
and you should, you should
have given me your wings by now
so I could catch your eye

And I am not alone
I'm here with someone
she never got the chance
and I hate myself for that

cause my heart stopped to
but some just for a while
should I be thankful? no
I hate you for that

You can download the song here: Maia Hirasawa - Still June