excerpt from Pinball, 1973

“Leaving where to?”
“Dunno. Some town, someplace. Not too big, probably.”
J poured the dressings into three large flasks through a funnel. He put them in the refrigerator and dried his hands on a towel.
 “What you going to do there?”
“Work.” The Rat kept glancing down at the nails of his right hand while he finished the trim-job.
“Can’t do that in this town?”
“Nope,” the Rat said. “I could do with a beer, though.”
“It’s on me.”
“Much obliged.”
The Rat slowly poured the beer into a glass that had been chilling on ice, then drank half of it in one gulp. “Aren’t you going to ask me why this town won’t do?”
“No, I kinda think I know.”
The Rat smiled, then clicked his tongue. “Nice try, J, but really, if everybody went around understanding each other without asking questions or speaking their mind, they’d never get anywhere. Not that I really ought to be saying this, but it seems like I’ve stayed too long in that state already.”


Pinball, 1973 is the second book from The Rat trilogy by Haruki Murakami. I finished this book today. Want to write some review but hardly could think about any good sentences. I ended up just post this excerpts. Lazy me. This excerpt is one of my favourite part in this book.

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