10 Things I love About Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel

Choosing a place to stay during a trip is a little bit confusing sometimes. We must choose the right place with the right location, facilities, and the most important thing is we must adjust it to our budget - which is to me is a very tight one. When browsing through list of hostels and hotels in Tokyo, I was really amazed with the price. Expensive! Finding one cheap accommodation among the expensives maybe is not that hard. But sometimes the cheaper one always come with shortage, far location for example. Yes it is cheap. But you must count the transport expense and also the time that will be spent.

So, when we found this hostel named Khaosan World Asakusa, without any hesitation we booked it for 4 nights. We didn't put high expectation to it because as long we know it's cheap and the location is great, for us that's enough. But after we went there, we fell in love with this hostel since the very first time. It was really beyond our expectation. And here I share 10 things that I love about Khaosan World Asakusa.

1. Location

It is located in Asakusa, near Sensouji temple and Nakamise street. Very near to the subway station. Well, at first we stopped at the wrong station. Then we got a little bit lost and walked quite far until we met the Germany friend who was also stay at this hostel. But once we knew it, it's pretty near! Just 2 minutes walking to Asakusa subway station. We can also found convenience store, 24 hours bento shop, Uniqlo, 100 yen shop, and Don Quijote around the hostel. This Don Quijote was the most awesome shop that we've visited in Tokyo. At the first glance it looked like a common convenience shop, but when we try to go to the upper level (it has 5 level - or more), we found interesting and absurd stuffs! From clothes, Japanese souvenirs, and unique costumes. There were Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Tower costume, sexy maid and schoolgirl (HAHA), and even Obama mask. Well, it is open 24 hours so when on the last day packing you realize that you forgot buying souvenir to your family or friends, you can go there directly to buy it even it's in the middle of the night. Awesome right?

Weird costume @ Don Quijote
The lady at the 24H bento shop

You can also rent a bicycle near the hostel. The rental located in Asakusa Subway station. The rental price is really cheap. Just pay 300 yen / day and you can cycling all day long. Well, more on this later :D

2. Cheap Rate

Only 2.000 yen for 1 night stay in the 10-bed mixed dorm. Maybe little bit expensive compared to the cheaper hostel (there were others with only 1.200 yen/night) but for all the facilities that you'll got, it is really worth it.

3. Super Comfy Bed

It was my very first experience staying at dorm room with bunk bed and I never thought yet expect that the bed will be this comfy. Like, really! The mattress was soft and wide. And the comforter was really warm and soft and made me just wanna sleep all day. There were also three power outlets attached on the wall for every bed so you can recharge your gadgets while sleeping without any worries. The hostel provide comfortable slipper for you to wear inside the hostel.

Our messy room just before we left

Tips : bring your earplugs! Having a room-mate that snoring out loud in the middle of the night was really annoying!

4. Super Clean Bathrooms

The washbasins
Toilets and shower boxes

There is one shared bathroom on every floor. At first I thought that I'll have to queuing up to take a bath but apparently that wasn't necessary. On the bathrooms there were like 3 or 4 toilet and also 3 or 4 shower box. There's 1 shower box which also equipped with one small bathub. Having a nice bath with warm relaxing water at night was really a great thing after long tiring walking all day. There were free soap and shampoo on the shower box. Also cotton-bud and hair-band for girls, all free. The bathrooms also equipped with hairdryer. What I love the most was its cleanliness. There were special slipper on the bathrooms so you must change your slipper on the bathroom entrance with it.

5. Kitchen
6. Dining Room

(HAHA maksa biar pas 10 nomernya)

I really love the kitchen. It is clean and fully equipped with complete cooking utensils. From frying pan and saucepan with various size, knives, chopsticks, spoons and forks, whisk, plates and bowls, etc. There are also two big refrigerators and food cabinet to store our food, microwave, toaster, water heater, so it was really comfortable to cook our breakfast every morning. You can get coffee, creamer, tea, sugar, salt & pepper, and frying oil for free there.

Clean and neat kitchen
Fake candid :P

Cooked Indomie for breakfast
Other side of dining room with vending machines.

If you are too lazy to cook, there are food and drink vending machines available in the dining room. The dining room is quite spacious and always busy in the morning. But I really love the ambience. There are also shared computers with internet connection. Now I miss the time when sometimes at night we sat there eating snacks and talked about our next-day plan. If you are lucky, you can meet nice girls or boys here.

Dining room at night, this photo is really precious to Ibun :P

7. The Lounge

There is a lounge on the 4th and 5th floor. The cool thing about that lounge is there are a lot of comics available for you to read. They're all in English translation so don't worry. There are another books like lonely planet about Tokyo and Japan. While reading comics, you can sit comfortably on a massage chair which is available for free. What a heaven! If the massage chairs are all occupied with another person, you can just lie down on the mattress. I usually use this lounge as my praying room :D

8. Coin Operated Laundry

For you who travel light and only bring few clothes, you can laundry your clothes with the coin operated laundry machines. You can get the detergent for free at the receptionist. It was really useful for us, especially Ibun who only bring 2 clothes (1 cloth he wore, the other one on his bag). Super ultra light traveler awarded!

9. Portable WiFi

You can use WiFi anywhere inside the hostel for free and you can also rent portable WiFi which is really important to avoid getting lost in Tokyo! This hostel provide Samsung Galaxy Note II as portable access point for rent. It costs only 500 JPY/ day, but you need 10.000 JPY for deposit that will be returned to you later. It is cheaper and easier rather than if you rent at the other places.

10. Friendly & Helpful Staff

All the staffs speak fluent English and they were really kind. They respond my questions through e-mail very fast and helpful. They are travelers too, you can see their profiles on the website - including the list of countries that they've visited. Awesome!

Selfie with the staffs before check out.

What a nice place to stay. I definitely will stay there again if I have a chance to go back to Tokyo!


  1. hi...aku akan menginap di Khaosan World Asakusa. Akses dari Asakusa Station apakah mudah?

    1. hi anonymous,
      kalau dari Asakusa Station sih agak jauh jalan kakinya. Waktu itu saya juga sempat nyasar pas nyari hostel ini. Gampangnya sih lebih baik turun di Tawaramachi station, atau di Asakusa Tsukuba Subway station.

      Paling deketnya sih dari Asakusa Tsukuba Subway station, cuma 2 menit jalan kaki :D
      Jadi kalau mau ke hostel, di Hyperdia tinggal cari aja rute subway yang ngelewatin stasiun ini. Semoga membantu!

  2. Hi thx infonya, aku mau nanya kalo malem suasana kamar mandinya serem ga Sih? Trs disediain lbh Dari 1 hairdryer kan yah DI kamar mandinya? Aku agak parnoan soalnya.. Thx lg yah sblmnya

    1. Aman-aman aja sih saya selalu mandi malem2. Serem itu lebih ke sugesti kayanya hehe. Yap lebih dari 1.

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