the date in the calendar is written in red. it means HOLIDAY everybody!
from thursday 'til sunday. but actually i have to go to campus on saturday but it doesn't matter :)
hmmm. don't know what to do. just stay in my dormitory. i ususally go to dago to meet dhea on holiday but shes' not in bandung right now. i want to spend my holiday in my aunty's house but she's not in Bandung too. yah so i have to stay in Bandung. waaa... holidayholiday! no classes!

there'll be journalistic photography competition, and i've submitted my photos. wish me luck! thanks to nindy for accompany me to Jonas to print my photos ;)
(yaa, kapan-kapan kita menyasarkan diri lagi ya nin.. huehueheuheu )

and on sunday there'll be talkshow with Arbain Rambey in my campus. i adore him!
he's one of my favourite photographer.

talking about photography, i'm so HAPPY!
last night, i attended lighting tutorial with photoST (the photography community in my campus). we use our campus auditorium as mini studio with two models, dea and uwie.
this is my first studio-session. thank you bonjer for teaching us about lighting and studio!

you can see my first photo in studio :

dea. by ~poporina on deviantART

the session ended at 23.30. so i have to spend a night in my friend's room. (thank you limey!)
woke up at 6.00 AM this morning, go back to my dormitory and then leave my room again for photohunting. PhotoEngine crew ask me to help them to search the photos for photoEngine.
ahhhh my foot.. i have to walk sooooo far!!

bye for now everybody! :D

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