I've been soooo busy lately! from sunday to today. sooo many things to do but there's just little time. It starts from sunday, i must do programming assignment and that was so difficult! finally me and my friends, ranti and cingu, can do that so we can go to bed at 01.00 AM!

and then i have programming labwork at 07.00 AM and it was so terrible! i can't do my journal well. sniff :(

on tuesday i have physics labworks and it means that sleep late again! i slept at 01.00 AM finally cause i must done my physics journal first :(

today (wednesday) i have physics presentation, and then i have programming assignment (again and again..) and i have assignment for bahasa! damn!
two assignment an it must be done in the same time, yeah it will be collected tomorrow and it means that i'll not sleep again!!! what a life!

when i write this post i actually must correct the mistakes that i've done in bahasa assignment. yeah, our lecturer asked us to make a paper, BAB I is done, but there are several mistakes then i must correct it, but HELL YEAH baby, BAB II is waiting to be done too! and i must collect them, both, tomorrow.

yesterday when i checked my email, there was an e-mail from my lecturer and the subject is TUGAS PROKOMP damn! i hate it i hate it.
there are 20 questions but alhamdulillah i've done this assignment.
huahhh! i'm so tired, but i have no idea about what to write in bahasa assignment.

well anyway, I REALLY MISS MY SCHOOL TIME. when i was in highschool, i never have too many assignment like this, i can play. play. play anytime i want. i even done my homework at school. and well, i really miss my FRIENDS.. just now i opened their page at friendster, and suddenly i feel like i miss them so bad.

what an university LIFE!

now it's time to photos photos photos...

me in lomo supersampler. thankyou dea!!

photoST's Tutorial, my first photo-studio-session :D

my first photo exhibition!

ah, i almost forgot. last sunday was my first photo exhibition on PhotoEngine in IT TELKOM's auditorium! there's about 10 photos from me that shown in that exhibition! and there was arbain rambey who came to give photo journalistic seminar. ahh i'm so happy~

bytheway, lately i'm so in love with the beatles song, "if i fell"
the lyric is sooo touchy!

"cause i've been in love before and i found that love was more than just holding hand."

go back to Microsoft word! BAB II is waiting! :D

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