i always love jogja. i love that small city, kind people, and i love my family who live there. my aunty, my uncle, my brother, and my crazy cousins. i think, there's a thing that makes me always want to go there again and again.. but i dunno what :)
last year, on december i went to jogja on my holiday. i spent a week there and i feel so sad when i must go back to bandung. :(

lately, i really miss jogja. i really-really wanna go there! huh. but i don't have a time.
but now my dream's come true! I'LL GO TO JOGJA NEXT WEEK. i have 5 days for holiday because i've done my mid test earlier. yayy!

my friend asked me "Ngapain sih mir, ke jogja, ngabis-ngabisin duit di ongkos ajah." hahahaha. i don't know. i just need some refreshment. after those hectic days. i want to forget all of my problems there. i wish i could forget about those scary stories. (read my previous post, "kenyataan yang mengejutkan"). and i'm dying to have photoshoot! i have no new photos to submit. and as my cousin, putra, have promised that he will accompany me everywhere to search good object, i become Happier and i can't wait to go there!
but actually i hate to go by train. I have bad experience :(

by the way, last night the editor of GagasMedia called me. She said that my photos (which have been submited to Raditya Dika's Photo Contest), will be published in raditya's new book! ahhhh i'm so HAPPY! you can see the news here LINK
i gotta go now. i must study for physics test so i can leave Bandung Happily. :D

some photos from my last holiday to jogja. check these out! :D

at Baron Beach

at Tamansari

hal yg kusuka ttg jogja. mural mural..

bye people! see you jogja!

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