oh my god!
i've been doing nothing since i came home. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.
so, my daily activity : wake up late - turn on computer - and online 'til getting tired.
the best part of my holiday is when i went to toba lake last week.
i need HOLIDAY. the real HOLIDAY.

actually i want to go out and face the real world. but i have no friends to accompany me.
i want to shoot with my camera, photosession, photohunting, whatever, and create wonderful photos (which is hard for me to do) but there's no model!! i need a model, i have tons of ideas in my head but there's no model for me. -___-"

when i have nothing to do, suddenly i really really wanna go back to Bandung to meet dhea and all my friends there. aaargh.

anyway, yesterday i've done my second job in a wedding party. ( my first job was for a highschool's yearbook )
yay and the money comes to my wallet. :D
i think i'm going to shop tomorrow. mwahahahaha..

sorry for the bad grammar. i think i need more practice for my english.
because english 3 will come on the next term. .

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