I have NOTHING to do in this holiday. Once i've tried to watch TV but it was totally sucks! Pasha Ungu everywhere. ohmygosh. Isn't there any important things beside Pasha Ungu? zzzz

And then i found papercraft in internet, and now Making papercraft is become one of my daily activity now beside sleeping, playing internet, and eating. zzzzz

Obama hehhhehe :)

Obama and friends

you can download the papercraft here Cubeecraft.com. You'll find lotsa cute characters. It's not so difficult to make papercraft. You must try it haha..

I bought 2 expired films few days ago. One expired in 2008, it costs Rp 10.000, and the other expired in 2001, it costs Rp 5.000, mwahahahahaha.. I can't wait to see the results!


  1. mir mirr....kasian bener ga ada kerjaan..eh,eh, remot nikon gw dah sampe 15 meter lho! working on canon remote now!!