what I should remember:

well maybe we are, the human, are born with basic characteristic: hardly got satisfied with everything. when we got less money, we want more. when we got more, we want much more and more and more. and so am I, naturally born as human, got that kind of characteristic too.

now, I'm working at one of the biggest electronics company in the world. most of people said that It's so damn cool, and I'm so lucky. but to be honest, I'm not satisfied at all (well, at first). I want more prestigious job, and I can't stop comparing my job with other's. foolish me.

and as the newcomer in the company, I barely got any fix job given. so my job is just to learn and learn by myself, but most of time I found myself just sitting and doing nothing in front of computer. and I can't keep myself to complain. complain that all of this thing is useless, that this is wasting my time, and whining 'oh my God, I'm so bored I could die'.

and one day, there was that man, who I saw when I was on my way to bandung, that can change my point of view. that poor man were sitting on the side of the road. he sold something called korean-glue for just IDR.5000. that man with his tired face were just sit and wait. many people passed but no one gave any attention to him and his korean-glue.

it kept me thinking about how ungrateful I was. it's so ironic, between me and that man. we both working for korean product. but I'm sure I got so much more money compared to him. I still can get my salary even I'm doing nothing at work. how could I dare to be so ungrateful like that while there still a lot of people who are less-fortunate? how could I be so ungrateful like that while I got the good job at the big company when others fight their ass off to get the job? silly me.

note to myself: I should be grateful for all that I've got. and I should keep my eyes open and help others.

now I'm getting more comfortable with this job. I got lot of new friends, and sure getting more knowledge. and I've got my first big project done. :P

but still, being grown up is more complicated than what I've thought before.

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