Just like the other human being, myself is also getting older every year. And this year, I turn to 23. Pretty old, huh? When I was a teenager, I always thought that 20 something-people is so old. Back in that time, I saw them as mature people and kind of have serious life. I also thought that 20-something woman are always wearing high heels, fancy blouse, wearing make up and all.

But here I am, 23 years old, and feel that nothing's changed. I always feel that I'm still a teenager. I feel like I haven't mature yet, with this unstable mind and unplanned future. I don't like wearing make up, and feel more comfortable to wear my worn-out t-shirt. High heels is sure not my thing indeed.

seeing this picture makes me happy :)

Being grown up is really complicated somehow. Now, that I've turned to 23, I realize that I'm not a teenager anymore. 23 is a big number, man! It means that I must rearrange my life. It doesn't mean that from now on I'll wear make up and high heels. Hell, no! It is my mind, and also my heart, that must be rearranged. Geez, this post sounds so cliche. But it's true!

Anyway, I feel so blessed on this birthday. I didn't realize that I have a lot of lovable people around me until that day. Birthday surprise from friend, and lotsa birthday gifts! I rarely received any gifts on my birthday, but this year is too much. Thank you, thank you.

Four books, two of them are Murakami's -- my favourite. Fancy bookend, A cute doll, and Hershey's chocolate. More than enough.

One wish before I blow-up the candle on my birthday cake :
"God, let me have my next birthday on that place. Amin.."


  1. and i see gaiman there... aakk.. inget bukuku yg ga nyampe2 >_<

    anyway.. happy bdayy ;) well adults are just kids growing up :p - disney

  2. Happy birthday Mira!! My name is Mira juga btw.. ;D

  3. cieee mira ulang tahun! selamat ya tante mira.. doaku yg penting kamu enteng jodoh hehe :)