Another Pre-Wedding for Friend

Got (another) chance to do pre-wedding shot for my friend. The lucky couple are Riwe and Haris. The session was actually done months ago, and they're married already. But it's never too late to share the experience here. They wanted to take the photos at Moko, one of our favourite spot in Bandung that located near our house. We did this session early in the morning on weekday to avoid the crowd.

Most of the famous spots will charge you if you intend to take pre-wedding photos. As far as I know, the pine forest that located in Moko will charge it too, but the key is to keep it low. Off course they will notice you if the talent wear white bride gown with wide skirt. But since we keep it as casual as we can, Riwe & Haris just wore jeans and regular clothes, I used small regular camera without any lighting equipment, they didn't notice that we actually do pre-wedding session.

In this session I used Riwe's Fuji XM-1 since my Ricoh GR was on the service centre. I don't really like the colour so I did some colour post-processing with Adobe Lightroom. I always enjoy taking pre-wedding session of my best friends. Since Riwe & Haris don't like cheesy pre-wedding photos (you know, the one with flower, balloons, complicated costumes and make-ups) just like me, it became easier because all I have to do is just to shot them like the way they are.

Okay before I'm starting to writing too much, here are the photos!

And we also took some photos at Mouton, a place where you can eat with nice outdoor BBQ ambience.

Besides the pre-wedding photos, Riwe also asked me to design the invitation. This is my first experience in designing wedding invitation. It's fun! Definitely will do this again later, for my own wedding :P

The invitation mockup

Well, if you interested to have pre-wedding session or have your invitation designed by me, just send me an e-mail to I'll be happy to help :)


  1. Bagus Mira design undangannyaaa. Aku juga suka foto prewed yang ngga cheesy. Lucu foto prewednya. :D

    1. Yuks nanti aku potoin mbak kalo pre-wed. hehehe

  2. Replies
    1. wah belom pernah motret post-wed, kayaknya menarik jg tuh :))