I'm always easily attracted by the images of small villages surrounded by nature. That kind of places always win when I decided my next holiday destination. The postcard view material: greeny picturesque hills, quite lake, and peaceful villages were the reasons why I decided to visit Hallstatt in the first place.

It was a typical early-summer morning. The rain was pouring down when I walked to Salzburg station, which was (fortunately) quite close to my hostel. Considering that I'll only have couple of hours in Hallstatt, rain was definitely not what I wanted on that day. Not to mention I didn't have proper jacket or coat with me (because it was summer!). All I did was praying and having my finger crossed. I arrived at the station just in time, and my train left at 07:02, exactly on schedule. It was another lonely train ride, although apparently I didn't mind being alone at all since I had nice view to accompany me all the way to Hallstatt.

The view suddenly changed from the city to the country side, less house and more green. The train passed along group of green hills. And it was there, hiding behind those giant hills. Not long after that, I saw a big lake, and the train suddenly stopped. 

Have you ever seen a movie when there is a station in a country side in the middle of nowhere? Arriving at Hallstatt station made me feel like I'm in a scene of a movie. It took me a while until I realized that there was a tiny station, where there was only a small building and one officer. The station located just beside the lake, across the village. A ferry boat runs daily on a schedule from station to the village back and forth. You need to pay attention to the schedule so that you won't miss your train.

The view was breath-taking, just like what I imagined it would be. Although I really wanted to stay there for one day or two, the high price of the accommodation does not suit my budget as a student. So, a day-trip to Hallstatt would work just fine for me. I spent the day wandering the small village (which was indeed, very small!), cruised around the lake (you can go with the 1 hour tour trip by ship), and just sitting by the lake in the church backyard.

Mandatory photo-spot

"Oh wow, look at you now, flowers in the window, such a lovely day!" 
(Travis, Flowers in the Window)

The rail just beside the lake

Another dream house

Two photogenic swan

Although I tried my best to capture it, Those pictures above don't do the justice of the beauty of Hallstatt. Thankfully, the weather was nice when I was there. Just before my train back to Salzburg came, the rain was pouring down heavily. Guess I came and left at the right time. 

I wonder how beautiful Hallstatt would be in the winter. Maybe another reason to come back?


  1. Romantis banget tempatnya Mir, aku ngebayangin pas autumn gini malah :D

  2. It looks like the clouds gradually cleared up when you were there. For the past few months I've been reading blog posts about Hallstatt, each one makes me want to visit this seemingly tranquil corner of Austria even more. Looking forward to more stories from your exploration of beautiful parts of Europe, Mira!

    1. Yeah, it became sunny for a while before raining again. Thanks for reading, Bama!

  3. cakep banget foto-fotonya. jadi pengen ke sana :)

  4. ini tempatnya kaya tersembunyi gitu yah, dibalik tebing tebing tinggi. mira makan apa disana? eh itu di danaunya boleh dipake berenang gak sih?

    1. makan kebab 5 euro tin yg paling murah. hahaha. boleh aja sih kalo mau.