we all know that there are so many temples in Yogyakarta and Central Java. Borobudur and prambanan are the biggest two. I have visited them on my very first trip to Jogja. What about sambisari temple, ratu boko temple, and plaosan temple?


sambisari located near prambanan. i love the architecture and so does my cousin. she wants to held her wedding party in this temple hahaha :D

October 4th - RATU BOKO TEMPLE

Ratu Boko located near prambanan too. it places on a hill. so we can see prambanan from the top.

when i choose which photos that i'll put on this blog, i realize that there's a lot of photos with me as the object, and there's only a little that only shows the temple hahahaha. pardon my narcistm :D

October 5th - PLAOSAN TEMPLE

my friends dayday and pandepandu tell me that there's 'after-lebaran-photosession' in plaosan temple with so many photographers from jakarta and jogja.

this is my first time to have photosession on a temple, that was awesome! there are two models which are very beautiful.

she is olvia

and she is ega

nice to meet them!

you can see other photos from this session on my deviantart later. because i need to retouch it with photoshop and unlucky me, i forgot to bring my laptop. and my cousins don't have it on their computer. so i have to wait until i go back to bandung. :(

PS: pardon my english. i know it's bad. but practise makes perfect right?