The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is another famous book after Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Screw my laziness! I started to read this book on September and just finished it yesterday, on my Christmas day-off. It's a quite long time to finish 611 pages. But it doesn't mean that this book isn't interesting to read.

The story begin when a man named Toru Okada searching for his wife's missing cat. Until his wife goes missing as well without any warning and explanation.

I actually don't know how to review this book properly. Because just like another Murakami's books which are mostly surreal, it's better not to describe the book unless you want it to look lame and lost its power to attract reader.

It once happened to me on my IELTS speaking test. The reviewer asked me to describe one book that I want to recommend then I choose "Dance, dance, dance" by Haruki Murakami. And mannn, that was hard! I was out of word and looked so stupid. All I could describe was just "Yeah, and there was a sheep man. This sheep man is kinda strange. That was a man, but he has sheep face". The reviewer was looked really confuse and might be think that I was crazy. Well, maybe it's me that can't choose proper words to explain. But yeah, until now I still think that it's impossible to describe Murakami's book.

But for me this book is really interesting, just like his other books. It is surreal, mysterious. Something that out of this world. One thing that most important, you just need to stop questioning things and let yourself get carried away by its story. My favourite part is when Murakami write about deep silence and loneliness. When Toru okada feel so lost when his wife left him and then decide to sit deep down in a well to contemplate for days. Murakami addresses the themes of alienation, loneliness, and self discovery perfectly in this book. Well, since there's nothing more to say, I should end this post and happy reading!


  1. masih mending kamu miirr. aku baca Norwegian Wood dari September masih stuck di tengah2 sampe sekarang hahaa

  2. norwegian wood emang agak malesin sih zu.. hehe coba deh baca yg lain :D

  3. first time for me to hear the name of Murakami, but the book sound so simple yet interesting.
    Is it written in English?