KL : Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend I went to Kuala Lumpur with Rina. 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, that was super-flash trip. Because I've spent my leave balance from the office on last Umra trip, I can only go on Saturday - Sunday, the ordinary weekend. I should blame the airlines that made me spent more and more money to buy their cheap seat! Oh well, blame myself who can't resist the temptation. :P

Kuala Lumpur was not really interesting, well at least for me. Because I know that we, Indonesia, have lotsa better places. Though we should learn a lot from Malaysia, who can wrapped their so-so tourist attraction into a promising package and gave good impression and promotion to the tourist.

The interesting part on this flash trip was on how we managed our little time so we can visit many places. And we did it quite good. Batu Caves, Petronas Tower, Petaling Street, Pasar Seni, Bukit Bintang, all in one day. We also climb hundreds of stairs to the top of Batu Caves (which I regret later, because there was nothing interesting there -___-). Imma happy wanderer!

Just remember, the best thing about a journey is not about the destination, but how you got there. 

PS: Dan yang paling penting, nambah cap-capan di paspor. Hihihi


bade kamana, neng? :P