Snapshot From Mecca

Compared to Medina, Mecca was more crowded and little bit chaos. When I say chaos, I really mean it. Being pushed by people during thawaf? Been there, it's usual. My mother even yelled "Innallaha ma'ash shaabirin - (God is with patience person)" a few times to the impatient Indian. You must multiply your patience to 10000 times there. No wonder, because this city is the destination of millions muslims from all over the world. All of them gathered in one point, the holy Kaaba. Considering all of the money and effort that people spent to get there, some people become really egoistic. True story.

Despite that unpleasant thing, I found peacefulness there. And also some strange feeling that I can't describe when I saw Kaaba for the very first time. It was not so big like I saw on the picture or television. That black cube building was standing still, while thousands people walk around circling it. The surroundings were noisy with prayers, sometimes there were emotional tears also. It all brought some goosebumps feeling to me, seeing thousands people from different countries, with different languages, gathered in one place to praise what we called Allah.

I really like to wandering around the new city that I visited. Just walk without any destination and get lost there. But I can't do that in Mecca. My parents gave early warning to me to not go outside without companion. In Medina, I was brave enough to go just with my cousin, which is also a girl. But in Mecca I must be patient enough to wait for my father or brother to accompany me. The people more rude - especially the man, and you must be extra-careful if you're a girl. I was little bit paranoid back then because there was a shopkeeper who dare to held my hand when I gave him money, yuck.

"It's really nice to meet you. You know, I got really confused here. They don't understand English, and they speak so fast!" said Ariana, a girl from Pakistan.

Most Arabian do not speak English. But if you're from Indonesia, you might calm a little bit. Because they mostly speak Indonesian, even a little. When they try English? This is an example :P

Freash Jouice Avalable - this is epic fail.


  1. Emang kudu hati2 di mekah.. katanya laki laki arab itu suka dengan perempuan asia, ekstra hati hati pokoknya..