Aga & Kitty Pre-Wedding Shoot

One day, my former class-mate in highschool contacted me and asked me to do pre-wedding shoot for her and her soon-to-be husband. I was really surprised back then because we didn't keep in touch that much. What made me even more surprised was the fact that she trusted me to photograph her one sacred moment in life. It's been a long time since the last time I did a proper photograph session with people. Yes, earlier back in college, I used to have this so called photosession with my friends (who pretend to be a model) - which is pretty much lame hahaha. And I only had this one pre-wedding session with my friend, Alm Budi, but that's all. However, I said yes immediately to her offering and took it as a challenge to me.

Luckily, Kitty and Aga is such a lovely couple. Kitty is the energetic - extrovert one while on the other side Aga is more shy and quite. I had no difficulties in arranging Kitty because even without my arrangement, she can strike like 100 different poses. Aga was little bit tricky. But all I need is just to ask Kitty to tell some joke and when he laugh, I shoot them with my camera. Natural pose will always be more lovely and alive. No argue.


I'm quite satisfied with the results, though I really need to learn and practice more and more. For you who live around Jakarta and interested in taking pre-wedding photos with me, just contact me by e-mail. I'll be so happy!


  1. huiyaaah.. sabang 16 buat prewed shot keren juga yah.. mir, kalo ngeshot prewed di mahameru mau gak? :p

  2. @niken : mauuuuu. tapi nunggu aku punya partner pre-wed juga gimana ken? biar sekalian. hahaha
    @ndook : hihi makasih ndook :D

  3. Miraaaa aku juga mau dongg difotoin prewed nantiii *berasa udah mau nikah* :p

  4. Mir, aku mau motoin prewed-mu... :p

  5. @ozu : haha ayo zuu, di UK keren kayanya tapi diongkosin yaa
    @abi : beneran bi!