Barokah Foto : Pityt & Rizki Pre-Wedding

Ever since I started my photography hobby back in high school, all of my best friends already asked me to shoot their pre-wedding photos someday if they got married. And I promised them that I will happily do that. For free. Haha.

Last month, I was so happy that I finally had a chance fulfill my promise to shoot Pityt's pre-wedding photos. One promise checked, still have another four for Decci, Dara, Dhea, and Firdha (hayooo yang namanya disebut, buruann!). Pityt herself is a best friend which I already known since elementary school. Though we went to different junior high school, we met again later in high school and she was my classmate for 3 years, and my deskmate for the last year. 

Pityt met Rizki, her husband-to-be, in college. And now they're both working as auditor. They are pretty busy so they usually have a date at a cafe, along with laptop, spreadsheet, and audit thingy. And so it became the idea of this session. After this session I found out that photographing a best friend is more fun than photographing stranger. Because I know them and their love story well, so then it will be easier for me to arrange them. On the other side, they will be more relaxed to pose and laugh. Looking at them through my viewfinder, I surely can feel that love is in their eyes.

Well, if you are interested in taking pre-wedding photos with me, you can visit because it's now officially launched! I think I'll stop uploading my pre-wedding work here, so you can subscribe or visit barokahfoto periodically for more updated stuffs. :D

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