I just had 2 days in Amsterdam, the first day was before I went to Cochem, and the other day was before I went back to London. Quite a short time to explore the city, though I can say that I had pretty much fun, since I met lots of friend there.

I love how the people ride their bicycle everywhere. I love how Indonesian food can be found easily there (I even bought lots of tempeh and brought it to London). I love the shape of the typical Dutch houses. I love the taste of their cheese, I used to think that UK has the best cheese (well, compared only to Indonesia, not a fair statement of course), but apparently the cheese in Netherland is the best (at least so far)! 

Well, since there isn't much thing that I can write, these photos below will pretty much sums up my first visit to Amsterdam.

Warteg style restaurant at Schipol. Looks really fancy but the taste made me miss the real warteg even more. But still, in Europe, it was more than what you can ask.

After meeting up at Schipol Airport, me and my friends went to Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans is an area where you can see old houses and the iconic windmills. I really love the atmosphere here. Moreover, the sky was so blue and the weather was somewhat warm.

The cute houses

The Gouda cheeses!

And we kept munching these free samples :))

We went to the area near Amsterdam Centraal Station. Pretty near to the famous red-light district (I can't take any picture there). You can smell weed everywhere here -__-

Weed, in various form.

Typical view in Amsterdam. Canal and bicycles.


The last day in Amsterdam, just before I went back to London, I met Wira, my famous travel-blogger-slash-vlogger friend

The famous I am sterdam sign can be found in two places. The first sign is in the front of Schipol Airport (shown in the first photo) and in the front of Rijksmuseum. If you don't fancy the crowd like this, do take the photo in Schipol.

Another warteg that we found accidentally which taste way moooore better and cheaper than the previous one. I was so happy.

Nasi Rames.


  1. From 1 to 10, how authentic was the food at that second warteg place? 10 being very authentic. I'm always curious how Indonesian dishes taste like in the Netherlands as it is home to a relatively big Indonesian community. I really love your photos from Zaanse Schans as the skies are blue and the flowers are blooming.

    1. I would say.... 8. I think that's because the owner of this warteg is Indonesian.
      Thank you! Such a typical view in Spring.