Well, hello 2018! 

To be frank, I'm currently in the middle of the ultimate laziness state to write, even though I have lots of things to write and there are hundreds of photos that I haven't even sorted. But I'm quite proud right now that I can force myself to write something in the beginning of 2018. With a hope that after this, I'll write on this blog regularly. 

Just like usual, in the beginning of a year, I'll write a summary post of what I've been through in the past year. Looking back to 2017, I do think that it's one of the best year of my life. 

The highlight of 2017 was my graduation! Yeah, I'm officially an M.Sc now! I've survived the grad school, alive! The graduation was merely a ceremony, though. The highlight itself was actually on the process; all the coursework, readings, discussions, sleepless nights, thousands lines of codes, hundreds words of essay, the tears, and the sweat (just kidding, London is too cold that you almost never sweating). Before, I never thought that I could be at this point. 

But well, besides all the academic dramas, I also traveled more frequently in 2017, just because I got a bigger chance to do that. It was like 'now or never', and I'm really thankful for the choice that I made, though I need to cut my daily spendings to save money for traveling. The highlight was when I visited Iceland on September. I remember that I cried a bit on the plane, just before it landed in Reykjavik, when I saw the city lights and the green northern lights above it. Such a magical view, I slapped my face hard to prove that it wasn't a dream. 

I did solo traveling three times, which teach me how to be independent and strong. It also made me feel closer to the places that I visited as I can see and hear more things rather than if I have companions with me. However, I feel that I have had enough of it. I feel like having a nice companion is still better rather than being alone (yeah, I'm that extrovert). 

I met lots of inspiring people in 2017. One of them was my thesis supervisor. He is visually impaired yet he is very clever and independent. He's still giving the lectures and going to the campus alone using the tube. My heart melted when he read my report (he uses text-to speech feature on his computer) word by word and gave detail notes on them. That slapped me hard and inspired me to work harder. It was such an honour for me to work with an inspiring scientist.

2017 also taught me to let go of things that I can not have, and when you already make peace with yourself, the universe will give you something that you'll needed more. Life is indeed full of surprise. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't be more grateful.


Before I started blabbering much, I think I should end this post by wishing you all happy new year. May this year full of happiness and joy!


  1. Selamat taun baru Mira! :* Semoga makin massive jalan-jalannya di tahun ini

  2. Jadi KPR nya dimana mir? masih survei2 kah? XD
    congraduations Mira Msc!! Semoga ilmunya berguna bagi agama, nusa dan bangsa

    1. makin banyak survey, makin bingung euy. sementara ini masih Peak District sih juaranya, berhubung Iceland apa2nya mahal banget. hahaha
      Aamiin, makasih yaaa ken!