So finally, last week, I got married! 

When I invited some of my friends to the wedding, they were wondering, "seriously?? you'll get married? with whom??". It might seem all of a sudden to some people, but to those who are close enough to me, it's not a big news. 

I'll tell you how the story started. But first, we need to get back to 2 years ago, when I first moved to London.

It was my first week in London, when I feel a little bit overwhelmed with everything; new city, new friends, new campus, new life!

There was a night when me and some of campus-mates from Indonesia gathered in the Starbucks just around the campus. Most of them were law students (since QMUL is quite reputable for L.LM) and I just found out that there will be only me, the Indonesian, in my EECS department (Electronics Engineering and Computer Science).

I talked to my friend, Brata, who sat next to me, 
"Too bad I have no Indonesian friend in Computer Science"
"I knew someone, though. He just graduated but I think he's still around London, cause I met him yesterday."
"Yes, he's very kind, you could talk to him I guess"

Before departing to London, another friend of mine also said that he has a friend in QMUL, in the same department.

Well, it's probably the same guy, I thought. 

I just nodded, knowing that I won't talk to that computer science guy in the near future. Who need him? I can handle this whole things by myself, I thought.

But I was wrong.

The day after the Starbucks night, I had an induction day for EECS department. My future supervisor, who was also the head of Master Science programme gave a welcome speech about what to expect in the next one year.

In the end he added, "But, please be prepared. This would be the hardest year of your life".

After that meeting, I felt that my head would be exploded soon. The burden on my shoulder felt tons heavier than the usual. Shit just got real. 

I need to talk to someone to discuss about the module choice, since our choice would define on how we would become in the future. I want to be the UX Researcher, what module should I take? What language should I mastered before taking the Object Oriented Programming module? I have an idea for my final project already, is it doable?  How could I manage studying but having fun at the same time?

After finishing my nasi goreng on the bench just across the Informatics lab building, alone, I texted Brata immediately, asking the phone number of the computer science guy.

After several texts, we (me and the computer science guy) agreed to met on Kings Cross station (the station where Hogwarts Express departs). Guess I got lucky cause I still had a chance to met him in person to discuss everything, cause if I were late for two days, he would already went back to Indonesia for good.

So we finally met that day. On September 22th, 2016.

And just like that.
Two years and one month later, we got married.

The suntiang Minang felt so heavy. I got headache the whole time. 

The highschool friends

Geng joelid.

Sarjana Teknik Ceria

Geng Retjeh London


  1. Wow, congratulations Mira! I guess next time we can expect more travel stories from both of you.

  2. Congrats Mira! May you live happily ever after :)

  3. Kak Mira! I'm very happy to see this. Sakinah mawadah warohmah ya :)