I usually start this kind of Year in Review post by writing, "Time flies fast!". But, not this time, because 2018 felt so slow to me. I don't know why, but I think it's because too many important things happened in 2018. 

Photo by Wira Nurmansyah, Illustration by Azalia Anisa

2018 started with job-seeking, which was kinda stressful to me. Three months have had already passed since I came back home from London for good, and the 'am I not good enough?' question suddenly hit me after being rejected by various companies. Furthermore, doing nothing at home besides Netflix bored me easily.

In the beginning of February, I got a job as UX Researcher in Jakarta! It was a sudden news, and I need to move to Jakarta just few days after that. This time, my mom accompanied me to Jakarta. 
This role was new to me. I could say that this year I opened a new blank page of my career life. I enjoyed it most of the time though I still secretly miss coding. However, I love my new office and bunch of new friends there.

My best friend, Eccik, got married on April in Medan. So I flew back home with Junda, who was on some kind of mission to meet my parents. The mission accomplished, which led to another mission; bringing Junda's parents to meet mine. They all came to my house just before Ramadan, and on October, 6 months later, I got married to him. Wow.

I moved to a new home with Junda after the wedding. Super happy as I have my own kitchen now! Though cooking and another house-chores apparently a little bit overwhelming to me in the beginning, now I could manage it well, with the help of my husband. The key of marriage is a teamwork, guys!

I rarely travel in 2018, because now I have to work, with limited amount of leave. But I managed to have short weekend trip to Palembang with my friends (my bachelorette trip, they said), Malang and Magelang (both were for my friend's wedding). Besides that, I went to Taiwan with Junda after the wedding.

Life's full of surprise and mystery. I wonder what 2019 will bring. 

Well, happy new year! 

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