Okay, I have to admit that I'm so uncreative because I always use the same opening line each years. But still, I will start this post with such a cliche like, "times flies so fast!". Seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote a recap post for 2015 and now I have to write for 2016.

So, here's a summary of what I've been up to this past year.

January: Solo trip to Philippines and another scholarship hunting.

At the end of 2015 I was struck by such an impulsivity -- I always blame my impulsivity for everything, though. Long story short, I bought a return ticket to Philippines and decided to go for a solo trip. El Nido it was. A beautiful serene place, completely perfect for the one who's searching for serenity and to contemplate. Sunny days, clear beaches combined with picturesque karst hill (just like in Raja Ampat or Phi Phi island), seafoods galore, fresh mango smoothies that I drank near the beach while watching for the sunset, made me thank my impulsivity for giving me a nice solo trip experience. At the end of January I decided to make the second attempt for LPDP scholarship. 2016 was the 4th year of my scholarship hunting. I almost gave up but thank God I'm always surrounded by supportive people. Without them, I'll never make it.

February: LPDP selection process

I went home because I had my LPDP interview in Medan and I needed to fix some administrative thing for LPDP requirements as well. I went through essay on the spot, leaderless group discussion, and interview pretty smooth this time, at least much better than the previous one. Maybe I'll write more about it another time.

Oh, and I also went to Santolo impulsively with the lonely single boys (another way to say Jomblo) Haha.

March: LPDP result and Laos!

I was so nervous that night but still managed to open my e-mail when the result came. Still can't believe of what written there: I passed, which means that I'll move in less than 6 months. Pretty much excited yet scared at the same time.

I went to Laos and Vietnam with Riwe and Bongo (and Whe also, actually, but he got deported right after we landed in Laos) as a farewell and bachelorette trip, since Riwe will got married on May and move to Amsterdam afterwards. That was the very best trip of 2016, because I had the best, craziest, and shameless travel-mates as my companion (yes, Bongo and Riwe, you can vomit when you read this).

April: Pre-Departure Briefing

Or we call it Persiapan Keberangkatan (PK). Got me busy like hell since I had to do the design for my batch's book, other individual assignments, and also work in Bandung at the same time. Well, but I pretty much enjoyed it, and I met my new family there, PK-64 Kirana Khatulistiwa! Feel so grateful to have a chance in meeting awesome and inspiring fellow awardees.

Petromak, my group in PK.

May: Weddings, Yogyakarta, and Malang

Three of my bestfriends got married this month. Mbak Elly & Acung, my former office mate and also the members of Pengajian Software gank, got married. On Monday! So hipster :)) They had a nice garden party at a villa in Bogor and we spent a night before the wedding together there.

I also went to Yogyakarta to attend Uzi's wedding. He's my group-mate in PK and we always talked together whenever we felt sleepy at class :)) The funny thing was, after he got married, he moved to Bandung and became my neighbor.
At the end of May, me and all office mates flew to Malang to be the wedding crasher at Riwe's party. We did flashmob, which we've been practicing months before (iya, niat banget!). We also went rafting to Pekalen river and did another visit to Bromo (never get me bored!).

June: Ied al-Fitr

Went home for Ied al-Fitr, with usual tradition in my family : roadtrip! This time we went to Aceh, and literally circled the whole province. This was so special because my family will be separated for the next year, as I'll move to London and my little brother will also move to Papua.

July: preparation and preparation

Was so busy this month, packed all my things and sent it from Bandung to Medan, and also moved from one house in Bandung (because the rent was only for one year and already finished) to another rented room near my office (for just one month before I leave). I also went to Jakarta like every week to prepare immigration thingy like medical check-up, student visa, shopping for my London packing list and to meet as much friends as I could to say good bye. No, not really good bye, but more like "see you soon" :P

August: home and Singapore trip

Farewell trip to Pari island with Pengajian Software gank, we camped just by the beach, grilled fish for dinner, and played werewolf at night. Farewell with my little brother, went home to Medan after that. My mom was shocked to see all things that me and my brother (because he also moved his things from Depok to Medan before going to Papua) brought home. It had been years since we leave home so it was a bit hard to arrange everything. I even bought another bookshelf for my books, because no more space left!

Sending Pojan off to the airport :(

I went to Singapore with my mother to do something and also to Penang after that because that was the cheapest route. Had pretty much fun in Singapore and Penang, a lot of walking, which was a good exercise for my foot before going to London.

September: sayonara Indonesia, hello London!

The sweetest people!

Finally the day came! Such a mixed feeling. Happy, excited, scared, and sad at the same time. Got to know London more this month by going to tourist areas (well, posing with Big Ben as a background is mandatory!). Settling up my life: shopping for my new room, opening a bank account (which was such a pain and lot of efforts), meeting new friends, flatmates, and getting used again to academic life.

Hello, flatmates!

October - November : the usual academic life.

Assignments, reading list, essay, and report. But still managed to having fun in between. Went picnic to some parks in London (while it was still warm), went to Stonehenge, Wales, Oxford, Belfast, and Windsor. And saw the live convert of Explosions in the Sky, Local Natives, Jens Lekman, and Stars and Rabbit (yes, the band from Indonesia, they had UK tour and visited London, how cool!).

Taylor David Rice from Local Natives right in front of me!

December : end of term and winter break.

End of term means lot of assignments and deadline. Finished them all just in time, and leave to Scotland to have a real winter break. Got lucky because finally I experienced snow in real life! Went back to London and celebrated new year with my friends in my flat, cooking Sate Padang and Apple crumble, played cards, and also watched the firework (from youtube, haha).

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Thank you 2016 for the life changing experience, for all the new people that I met, for those who left, for all the experience, the ups and downs. Thank you for being another amazing year. Alhamdulillah.


  1. Seems like an incredible year! Hope 2017 will bring more adventures and happiness to you :)

    1. It is an incredible year! Thank you, Dixie. I hope 2017 will also bring more adventures and happiness to you as well :)

  2. pengen ke Laos atau Vietnam, pengan ke Bromo lagiii...pengen nikah *loh

    1. eniwei, kan udah ga jomblo lagi ceunah, cus langsung dipinang pake bismillah.